The Bandito wristband utilizes non-toxic scent in combination with powerful sonic sound to create the ultimate portable shield against mosquitoes. It's time to take back the outdoors from annoying mosquitoes.

Refilling your Bandito is as simple as tying your shoes!

You will receive your Bandito packaged seperately from your refill packs. 

Once you have opened your Bandito all you have to do is:

  1. Remove the Bandito encasement from the wristband. Be careful not to break the clip or the silicone band.
  2. Place your fingernails into the divots on the underside of the Bandito encasement to remove each side from the Bandito.  (You may notice at this point that the sonic-sound button is extruding from the Bandito device. Please do NOT touch this button until all pieces are reattached.)
  3. Insert the battery into the battery tray. The positive side (the side with text) should be facing towards the clip (opposite of the G). Replace the tray. You should hear a snap when the tray is fully in place
  4. Insert two scent strips into the scent tray. Replace the tray. You should hear a snap when the tray is fully in place.
  5. Now that both inserts are securely re-attached to the Bandito, push the button on the scent strip side to turn the sonic sound on.  You should be able to hear a faint buzz when placed near your ear.
  6. Finally, clip the Bandito back to the wristband or to any other area you wish to keep your Bandito!

 Here is a video that also explains installation:

For those of you who have contributed to our Indiegogo campaign and would like to claim your discounted Refill Pack, please email us at with your order number and shipping address. We will send you a 50% discount code to be used toward a Bandito Refill Pack.

***Please note that Refill Packs will not be available until October 1st, 2018.***