Consequences of Not Preventing Your Kids from Getting Bug Bites

Consequences of Not Preventing Your Kids from Getting Bug Bites

While the warmer weather can bring about an increase in outdoor family fun, this is also a time that bug activity can be at an all-time high. Along with this comes the possibility of unwanted bugs biting your kids, which can have various outcomes depending on the type of bug and your child. The consequences of not preventing your kids from getting bug bites can range from mild reactions such as irritated skin to serious allergic reactions that require medical attention.

We have gathered important information on this subject to help inform you on why your child may be at risk, why a bug bite of any type should be of concern, as well as side effects that may occur. We have also included a special emphasis on the mosquito, which will place bite prevention at the top of your list.


Children are at a Greater Risk

It's especially important to protect your kids from bugs that may be planning their attack. The consequences of a bug biting a child can possibly be more serious due to a few factors that set them apart from the average adult..

  • Immune System: Children are still growing and developing their immune system. Their body may not be able to fight off the effects of bug bites as effectively as an adult.
  • Unaware: Increased scratching or meddling of a bite area can occur more frequently with kids because they can be unaware and sometimes unconcerned that this can lead to a more swollen or infected area.
  • Allergy History: Depending on their age, some children have not had adequate time to develop a known allergy history, which can put them at risk.

Bug Bites of any Type Should be Taken Seriously

The news highlights certain bug stories that are sometimes alarming and it can put you on high alert for that specific bug. In reality, you should really be on the lookout for any type of bug that has a history of attacking. Since most kids love to play in the outdoors and don't mind becoming one with the grass and dirt, they can become exposed to a whole host of bugs.

There are many bugs or insects out there that can be a cause for alarm. This would include bugs that bite, sting, inject, or even attach themselves to humans. Common predators you should be keeping away from your children include mosquitos, ticks, fleas, certain flies, wasps, bees, mites, and spiders, to name a few.

Possible Side Effects Your Kids May Experience

The last thing you want for your kids is to experience the consequences of a bug bite, no matter how mild the reaction may be. This is why it's extremely important to take preventative measures. To give you a better understanding of what can possibly occur in response to a bug bite, we have included a breakdown of some side effects, as well as complications that can arise.

Possible Side Effects

  • A painful or itchy skin reaction commonly occurs.
  • Swelling or redness may develop.
  • Contraction of serious diseases or viral infections.

Allergic Reactions

  • Your child may develop a common rash, hives, or lesions.
  • Severe swelling or inflammation at the source of the bite is common.
  • Although rare, Anaphylaxis can occur in extreme cases. Venomous bugs or insects such as wasps and certain bees mostly cause this reaction. Symptoms of Anaphylaxis can include problems with breathing and can be life-threatening.

Bug Bite Complications

  • The formation of a general infection can occur in certain circumstances.
  • Development of a life-threatening form of Sepsis in which the body fights off an infection that has spread to the bloodstream.
  • A local bacterial infection called Impetigo in which severe sores can develop. 

Kids and Mosquitoes - A Potentially Dangerous Combination

The mosquito has made it to the top of our charts due to its overwhelming population around the world and the potentially serious consequences of its bite. It's more common for children to experience mild effects of a mosquito bite, which can include simple red, itchy bumps that are bothersome. But there is always the possibility that far more serious consequences may occur.

Skeeter Syndrome - An Allergic Reaction to Mosquito Saliva

You may not know if your child is susceptible to Skeeter Syndrome, which makes it imperative to take the necessary precautions to safeguard your kids against mosquito bites. Allergic reactions to the polypeptides that are within the mosquito's salvia are what make this syndrome so dangerous to certain children.

In some cases, the child may experience blisters and high level-pain, along with a low-grade fever. Skeeter Syndrome can cause the eyes to become extremely swollen to the point that it becomes difficult to open them. In rare cases, anaphylactic shock and other life-threatening complications can occur.

Disease and Viral Infections Specific to Mosquitos

Mosquitos can cause you and your child to become exposed to a variety of diseases and viral infections. Two that are well known and worth mentioning are Malaria and the West Nile Virus.

  • Malaria: Caused by a parasite, and spread by mosquitos, this infectious disease is one you will want to protect your children from. If a child contracts Malaria, they can experience a fever and other extreme flu-like symptoms. This can be a life-threatening disease in rare cases, but is typically easily treatable.
  • West Nile Virus: If your kids become infected with this mosquito-borne virus, they can develop mild symptoms such as a fever, headache, body aches, skin rashes, and swollen lymph glands. In rare cases, the West Nile Virus can cause life-threatening symptoms, which include inflammation of the brain. 

Now that you are aware of the consequences of mosquitoes and other bug bites, you will want to look into some preventative measures. We have an easy solution for keeping your kids protected, the Bandito Wristband, an innovative mosquito repellent that utilizes sonic sound and a non-toxic scent that repels mosquitos. This effective, chemical-free, eco-friendly product will be exclusively offered the 21st of May on Indiegogo. The Bandito is in demand so be sure to order yours ahead of time, even while they are still in production. You may also sign-up to receive the Bandito email newsletter that will keep you informed as to the exact date of when this product will be launching on Indiegogo. You can easily opt-out at any time. Protect your children with the Bandito, it's today's safe alternative to bug bite prevention.


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